Does your thermometer need calibrating?

Calibration Solutions Ltd will calibrate your thermometer and issue an IANZ Endorsed calibration certificate.


It is good practice to include 0 °C as a calibration point in all temperature calibrations. This is so the user of the thermometer can compare periodic ice point checks to the ice point on the calibration certificate to determine that the calibration isn’t driftin​g.


You may wish to select other calibration points depending on what you use the thermometer for or you can talk to us for advice on suitable calibration points. 

Calibration Solutions Ltd can calibrate thermometers and issue IANZ endorsed calibration certificates for calibration points in the range of -200 °C to 1050 °C.

This is the widest available IANZ endorsed temperature calibration range in New Zealand!

 For the details and measurement uncertainties see the following link for our scope of IANZ Accreditation.

What temperatures should I get my thermometer calibrated at?

It is only necessary to calibrate a thermometer over the range in which it is going to be used over.

For example—a thermometer used to measure the temperature of food stored in a chiller should be calibrated over the range that the food is required to be within. The temperature may need to be 5 °C or less and above 0 °C so it doesn’t freeze.

In this case, calibration points of 0 °C & 5 °C would be appropriate.

 You may also be using the thermometer to check that frozen product is below -18 °C and so adding a calibration point of -20 °C would suit.

 If you are also using the thermometer for confirming that cooked food has reached the required temperature, you may add say 60 °C and 82 °C as calibration points.​​

You can send your thermometer to us for calibration at the following address:

Calibration Solutions Ltd

Unit 2, 243 Blenheim Road,


Please include the following information with your thermometer:

Turn around time is 1 – 2 days

Calibrated Loan thermometers are available in cases where you can’t be without your thermometer for more than a few hours.

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