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Calibration of other instruments

Calibration Solutions Ltd offers two levels of calibration services:

IANZ Endorsed and Standard 

The IANZ Endorsed level of calibration applies to temperature measuring instruments and temperature controlled enclosures.​

IANZ Accredited Calibration laboratory | Calibration Solutions
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Standard calibration services are available to the following instruments:


Standard calibration services are performed using either best industry practices or manufacturers instructions. Reference devices used have been calibrated by an IANZ endorsed calibration laboratory and are therefore traceable to international standards.

With over 30 years experience in calibration, Calibration Solutions Ltd will be able to calibrate, service or repair your instrument, or recommend the appropriate company if it is outside our scope.​

Humidity measuring instruments

Infrared (non-contact) digital thermometers

Light (LUX) meters – calibrated unit available for hire with IANZ endorsed calibration certificate issued by the Measurement Standards of New Zealand, (Callaghan Innovation)​2 

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